Ultimate GDPR & CCPA Compliance Toolkit for WordPress

In the EU, only opt-in cookie banners are allowed according to current law.

Cookie banners that ask for the explicit consent of your visitors whether cookies may be set are called opt-in cookie banners. This type of cookie banner ensures that your visitors are presented with a dialog or banner the first time they visit your website, in which they can select which cookies may be set. The important thing is that the user must be free to choose which cookies they want to allow and each cookie can be rejected individually. The cookie banner must not pre-select cookies and thus patronize your visitors. This is explicitly prohibited by law. However, what has not been finally clarified legally and is therefore usually used is a button or link that allows the user to agree to all cookies with just one click.

The opt-in cookie banner ensures that cookies are only set after consent has been given. This also means that services such as Google Analytics can only be integrated after the user has explicitly agreed to them.

Ultimate GDPR & CCPA Compliance Toolkit for WordPress is a professional plugin that makes your site GDPR compliant. To use it:

  1. Install and activate the plugin.
  2. Go to Ultimate GDPR & CCPA.
  3. In License section, add your envato key.
  4. Go to Cookie Consent, click Scan for cookies and wait until the process is done.