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ACDSee Tips and Tricks

Using ACDSee for a website photo gallery

When making a photo gallery for the web, make sure you have the photos in the maximum analysis. Of course you ‘ll have to resize these images in order to use them in a web photo gallery. In ACDSee you can create your own presets and apply them to whichever photos you need.

For example, you will usually want, from the original photos, to create the thumbnails, the normal size photos (the ones on the web page) and the big photos (if you provide a zoom function). So you’ ll have to create one preset for each one of them.

To do so, open the folder with the orinal images, go to Batch Edit. There you can select a number of options (like cropping, resizing, etc.). Set them and then save the preset (let’s name it ‘My project Thumbs’). Now every time you want to create thumbs, just select the desired images, go to Batch Edit and load the preset.

Selecting All Files in Subfolders

  • Set up a new Category in the Organiser pane (let’s call it “All my photos”)
  • Select the parent folder (or folders with ctrl or shift) and drag and drop it to the new category that you created
  • When a dialog appears, select the top option “Add the items from the folder and its subfolders …”
  • Then select that category from the Organiser to select all the images