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How to import big WordPress mysql database with bigdump

You can’t access the server shell and you can’t import the dump using phpMyAdmin or any other scripts due to hard memory resp. runtime limit of the web server.

The script imports only a small part of the huge dump and restarts itself. The next session starts where the last was stopped.

  1. Download the BigDump script.
  2. Unzip and open bigdump.php with NetBeans.
  3. Adjust the database configuration (database, username, password).
  4. Open filezilla and create the working directory (e.g. dump) on your web server.
  5. Upload bigdump.php and the dump file (*.sql or *.gz) via FTP to the working directory.
  6. Run the bigdump.php from your browser via URL like
  7. Relax and wait for the script to finish. Do NOT close the browser window!
  8. Test your website to see that it is working properly.
  9. Remove bigdump.php and your dump files from your server

If Timeout errors still occur you may need to adjust the $linespersession setting in bigdump.php.