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What is PHP?

PHP is a server-side scripting language, which means that the scripts are executed on the server (the computer where the Web site is located). This is different than JavaScript, another popular language for dynamic Web sites. JavaScriptis executed by the browser, on the user’s computer. Thus, JavaScript is a clientside language.

Because PHP scripts execute on the server, PHP can dynamically create the HTML code that generates the Web page, which allows individual users to see customized Web pages. Web page visitors see the output from scripts, but not the scripts themselves.

Why PHP and not ASP?

  • It’s fast: Loading speed is a big factor in maintaining a website. If you are particular about speed, then you need to go with PHP. PHP codes runs much quicker than ASP basically because it runs in its very own memory space while ASP uses an overhead server and is uses a COM based architecture.
  • It’s free: When it comes to costing and expenses, ASP programs needs to run on Windows with IIS installed on the server. You need to purchase both of these components in order for ASP to work. On the other hand, a PHP would only require running on a Linux server, which you can get at no cost.
  • It’s easy to use: The syntax is simple and easy to understand and use, even for non-programmers. For use in Web sites, PHP code is designed to be included easily in an HTML file.
  • It’s versatile: PHP programs can also run in Windows, Solaris, Unix and Linux while ASP can only work with Window-based platforms.
  • It’s secure: As long as your scripts are designed correctly, the user does not see the PHP code.