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Facebook ads

How to instruct clients to set up Business Manager

If your client needs help setting up Business Manager, I recommend jumping on a video call and having them share their screen so you can walk them through each step. Remember, they will have to be the ones who create the Business Manager on their account so they are the owner.

First, your client needs a personal Facebook account to start, then the process is simple: they need to go to the Facebook Business Manager page and click the Create Account button, then they must enter the name of their business and email address.

Then your client will need to add an ad account to their Business Manager. Once the ad account is added, it’s permanently moved to Business Manager.

To add a new ad account, the client needs to head to Business Settings in Business Manager, click on Accounts, and then click on Add Accounts. They should see a dropdown menu with three options, one of which being to add a new account. Then proceed to complete the process.

To add people to Business Manager, the client needs to go to Business Settings, click Add People, and type the email address of the person they want to invite. Lastly, your client will have to click Next and select the role they want to assign. Remember to also have them give you access to the appropriate Facebook Page and ad account.

How to instruct the client to add you as an admin in Business Manager

  1. Connect in client’s computer by using anydesk.
  2. Go to Facebook Business Manager.
  3. Click Page settings on the left.
  4. Click Roles. Make sure that you the client is an administrator in order to add you.
  5. Type the email that is connected with your facebook.
  6. Click Next.
  7. Select the Role.
  8. Also have them give you access to the appropriate Facebook Page and ad account

To setup the facebook pixel for ad, see here.

How to edit your ad

If you want to edit your ad after creating it:

  1. Go to your facebook page.
  2. Click Ad centre > All ads.
  3. Click the 3 dots right next to your ad.
  4. Click edit ad.

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