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WooCommerce & Piraeus Bank

  1. Download and install Piraeus Bank WooCommerce Payment Gateway plugin.
  2. Provide bank with the following addresses:
    1. Website url : http(s)://
    2. Referrer url : http(s)://
    3. Success page : http(s)://
    4. Failure page : http(s)://
    5. Cancel page : http(s)://
    6. Your’s server IP Address
    7. Response method : POST
  3. When bank answers, go to WooCommerce > Settings > Payments and click manage right next to Piraeus Bank gateway.
  4. Insert AcquirerID, MerchantID, PosID, User Name, Password and click save.
  5. Make the 8 test cases (1 approved, 7 failed).
  6. In footer add Visa, Mastercard, Maestro icons.
  7. In footer add Visa Secure, MasterCard Identity Check icons.
  8. In footer add Piraeus logo.
  9. Send the bank an email.
  10. Wait for live credentials and insert them in step 4.
  11. Make a live transaction to ensure all runs smooth.