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Presta debugging

To enable presta debugging in presta 1.6:

  1. Open config/
  2. Change the following line
define('_PS_MODE_DEV_', true);

Manual cache clearing

Sometimes you may need to clear the cache without accessing Back Office.

Using an FTP client or hosting file manager, go to the root directory of your site on the server.

Delete content of the following directories (except index.php files):


These are main cache directories. Also, if necessary, you can clean the following directories:


Similarly, delete all files inside these directories, except for index.php files

Delete file /cache/class_index.php. It is cache of PHP classes. You need to clear it when you make some overrides of classes and controllers.

Cache cleared. Refresh the page you worked on and check the result.

Now open the home page and start refreshing the page (with debug on) so that you recompile the files. Do the same for all pages.