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Installing Joomla on Your Own Computer

To get your Joomla site out in the world, you’ve got to get it on the Internet, and that means using an ISP. But to come up to speed on Joomla, installing the program on your own computer often is much easier.

  • Installing Joomla locally is ideal if you’re doing anything experimental, such as creating new templates or mucking around with the front page.
  • It’s also a very good way to go if you want to make sure that the changes you’re making on your site turn out the way you plan before you upload them for the public to see.
  • Also, when you install Joomla on your local computer, site development moves along a lot faster when you don’t have to wait for new files to upload to a remote server.

Installation steps

  • Download and install wamp server.
  • Open phpMyAdmin.
  • Go to Privileges -> Add  a new user.
  • in phpMyAdmin, go to Home and create a new database (let's name it joomla_database).
  • Insert a username and a password (for our example we will use nikos and 12345678).
  • Download latest joomla
  • Copy all in a folder in wamp/www/joomla_site
  • Open localhost/joomlaSite
  • Press next until you reach step 4.
  • In step 4, in hostname leave localhost, in username enter your username (nikos), in password your user password (12345678) and in database name your database name (joomla_database)
  • Press next until you reach step 6.
  • There, as an email enter a valid email (whatever), and enter the username and password for the form (these will be used in the browser).
  • Press install sample data and wait until you see the message "Sample Data Installed Successfully).
  • Press next and then press remove installation folder.

Installation is finished!