Description meta tag

What is the description meta tag?

The description shows up just below the title of your page, and is often just a generated chunk from the page. If you don't have a meta description, search engines will generally just show a chunk of the page, containing some of the words used as the search string.

Think of these tags as free advertising for your site. When a users does a search for keywords for your page’s topic and the results pull your page, all they see is your title and description. Since this is the only thing separating you and the user clicking on your link, you need to create copy that will make users want to click on your link and see what its all about. People are much more likely to click results, if they see a carefully chosen description, rather then a automatically generated one, which is more likely to be less on target.

How to insert a description meta tag?

The <meta> tag always goes inside the head element, usually after the title.

<meta name="description" content="Your description goes here.">