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WordPress installation

Installing the WordPress locally

When you are ready to create a WordPress site, then you should first install it locally on your computer. This way, you can do your tests, fine tunings, search for bugs etc. and when you are certain that your site looks and works the way you want, you then just transfer it to your live server.

Here are the steps to install WordPress locally on your computer:

  1. Download wordpress zip file here.
  2. Extract it into the web directory for your WAMP installation (for example c:\wamp\www\my_wordpress_site).
  3. Open NetBeans and create a new project (PHP application with existing sources).
  4. Rename the wp-config-sample.php file to wp-config.php.
  5. In Wamp, open phpMyAdmin and press the “Databases” tab. Under “Create database”, enter in a database name such as “wordpress”, and press “Create.”
  6. In NetBeans, open wp-config.php and fill in your database details as explained in Editing wp-config.php to generate and use your secret key password.
  7. Visit http://localhost/my_wordpress_site to start the WordPress install.
  8. Initialize git repository in NetBeans.
/** The name of the database for WordPress */
 define('DB_NAME', 'wordpress');

/** MySQL database username */
 define('DB_USER', 'root');

/** MySQL database password */
 define('DB_PASSWORD', '');

/** MySQL hostname */
 define('DB_HOST', 'localhost');

Learning Resources

The official article here