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Basic settings

Here is a list of the usual stuff I deactivate for editors (or for Shop managers if I have WooCommerce installed).

Admin bar options

  • wp-logo (and its children)
  • updates
  • comments
  • new-user

Backend options

  • User-info (only logout)
  • Footer (hide)

Global options

  • Contextual Help
  • Admin Color Scheme

Adminimize and WooCommerce

To make the product page as minimimal as possible (if you don’t want some of the features below), you can add some of the following values to the bottom right textarea of the Write Options – Products section.

Product Gallery #woocommerce-product-images
 Inventory  .inventory_options
 Shipping  .shipping_options
 Advanced  .advanced_options

The button of my new istalled plugin is missing from adminimize options

You have set up your adminimize settings. You install a new plugin (for example Contact7). But the contact menu button does not exist in your Menu Options.

To make it appear, just press Update options. This will refresh your adminimize list.