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What to back-up before formating

Ok. Here are some basic stuff you need to back-up before formating.

  • All your system drivers (motherboard, graphics card, etc.).
  • All your software installation files (not your program files folder, you will reinstall them anyway).
  • Your mozilla bookmarks or even your whole firefox profile.
  • All your web projects and their MySQL databases, contained in your wamp folder.
  • The filezilla sites.
  • The Thunderbird email (see this post or this or this for more).

To backup your files regularly, you can use FreeFileSync. It’s open source and very useful!

Backup thunderbird

Before formating, first you have to bakup your thunderbird email profile.

You can easily back it up using MozBack. Or you can do so, manually, by followin these steps:

First open your profile folder. For windows 7, you will find it here:


Copy the folder inside and place it in a safe folder.

Restore thunderbird

After formating your PC, you ‘ll have to restore the previous thunberbird profile that you’ve backuped.

First install thunderbird.

Now open the profile folder that has been created for you


Delete everything inside and just copy your backup folder from before.

Start thunderbird and you’re set.