Google Analytics IQ Exam Questions & Answers Practice Test

In this page you can find questions and answers about the Google Analytics IQ Exam. Feel free to practice using our online test as much as you want until you are ready to give the actual exam.

About the test

  • It’s free.
  • All questions are displayed randomly.
  • All answers are displayed randomly.
  • Like the actual test itself, you mark each question one at a time. Once marked, you will be able to see if you have selected the correct option. After the selection, we will show you the correct option and provide a summary explaining why. The question explanations often contain links to official sources so you can do additional reading in that area; this helps you focus your learning to areas of weakness.
  • After you finish each section, you will get the score (in percentage) for this section. Make sure you get a score greater than 80%. If not, repeat the section.

The test sections

The Google Analytics IQ Exam Practice Test is separated in the following sections:

General Knowledge

Analytics Tracking Code

Accounts, Views & Filters


Campaign Tracking

Channels, Sources & Mediums


eCommerce & Conversions

Google AdWords

Customer Journey

Attribution Modelling

Metrics & Dimensions



External Data

Mobile apps

  • Mabel
    Posted at 10:53, 20 AprilReply

    Do you have any updated questions as the exam changed a lot since 2015. Thanks! (20 april 2016)

    • Website tutorials
      Posted at 13:48, 20 AprilReply

      Hi. I gave the test on February 2016. For the test, I only studied the questions that you can find here. And I passed it successfully. I also noticed that all the questions of the actual test, are included here. So I guess, if you learn the questions / answers here by heart (their meaning), practice them and succeed in every section (over 80%), you’ll have no problem passing the test.

  • aditya
    Posted at 10:29, 18 MayReply

    Hi, are these questions updated?
    I happen to see most of the questions are similar to the the ones given in the practice assignments of the Google courses.
    Also are the difficulty of the questions similar?

    • Website tutorials
      Posted at 11:34, 18 MayReply

      Hi. The questions are not updated. I made the online practice test on February 2016, in order to prepare myself for the actual test. All the questions that I found on the actual test, are included here. So I guess, that Google does not add new questions (maybe variations of them, but if you understand the question, you’ ll be able to answer the variation as well, that’s why I give explanations to many of the questions).

  • Mabel
    Posted at 16:02, 18 MayReply

    The questions now are at least 30% different then the ones here and are also more difficult. I would say Aditya: first take an exam to practice and then re-do a week later.

  • Anna
    Posted at 08:48, 08 JulyReply

    are there any questions about Tag manager in the exam? There is a course

    • Website tutorials
      Posted at 08:54, 08 JulyReply

      Not to my knowledge. At least, when I gave the test on February 2016, there weren’t.

  • Paul Fleischer-Djoleto
    Posted at 05:54, 26 JulyReply

    Thanks a lot. I am Paul Fleischer-Djoleto, CISSP. I used your site to prepare for the Google Analytics Individual Qualification Exams. I passed with 82% on 24/07/2017. Your questions are relevant to the exam!

    • Website tutorials
      Posted at 08:31, 26 JulyReply

      Thanks for your feedback! Glad you passed the exam!

  • Sunayana
    Posted at 11:49, 09 AugustReply

    I just gave the exam(08 August’17) ,, and passed with 97%.. all thanks to your tests… Thank you so much…quiet few questions were rephrased but these help set the base really good..

    • Website tutorials
      Posted at 11:56, 09 AugustReply

      Really glad it helped you! Thanks for the feedback!

  • Sri
    Posted at 11:38, 24 NovemberReply

    How do i take the Google Certified exam? Any links please.

    • Website tutorials
      Posted at 12:21, 24 NovemberReply

      Hi. You can take the exam here.

  • Sri
    Posted at 14:17, 24 NovemberReply

    Can i prepare for the test from the links given above. As i want to score >90% for the actual test.

    • Website tutorials
      Posted at 02:42, 25 NovemberReply

      I gave the test on February 2016. For the test, I only studied the questions that you can find here. And I passed it successfully. I also noticed that all the questions of the actual test, are included here. As I read from comments above, I see that a person passed the test with 97% on August of 2017. So, I guess you should be good!

  • Anita
    Posted at 10:26, 04 SeptemberReply

    thank you!

    passed today with 84% first try after going through all q & a’s

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