Automatically generated menu module from article’s category

The main purpose of the mod is to generate a menu contents automatically, by displaying links to all articles in the chosen section or category. So when you add a new article, you don’t have to link it to menu manually – the menu automatically displays the link. Categories in the chosen section may work as headings/separators among menus and/or they can link to the category list. The mod is quite light-weight and also offers a basic possibility to customize the output.

  • Download and install MOD_AUTGEN.
  • go to modules and enable it

Now, open module and

  •  change title ('latest articles')
  • leave module assignment as it is (no pages, because module assignment is carried from metamod module)
  • choose a category (and subcategories if you wish using shift button)
  • category ordering (by order as set in administration)
  • article ordering (by order as set in administration)

Don't forget to write down module id. You' ll need it for metamod.

So, in order to reorder the menu items for each category go in article manager and reorder them there.

In order to reorder the categories (menus that hold submenus), go in category manager and reorder them there.

Simple, isn't it?