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How to add VivaPayments in WooCommerce

Follow the instructions here for Smart checkout process.

Vivawallet steps

  1. Login in Vivawallet.
  2. Select your business account.
  3. Go to Settings > API Access and find your Merchant ID and API Key.
  4. Click on Sales > Online payments > Websites/Apps.
  5. Click on the Add Website/App button in the top right-hand corner.
  6. In success url add index.php?wc-api=wc_vivawallet&vivawallet=success
  7. In Failure URL add index.php?wc-api=wc_vivawallet&vivawallet=fail

WooCommerce steps

  1. Install and activate the VivaWallet WooCommerce Gateway plugin.
  2. Go to WooCommerce > Settings and click the Payments tab.
  3. Click Manage right next to Viva.
  4. Insert your Merchant ID and API Key and Source Code.

Now you are ready to create the hook inside viva.

Vivawallet steps

  1. Click Settings > API Access > Webhooks
  2. Click on the Create Webhook link – the New Webhook dialog box is displayed
  3. Insert
  4. Select the Active checkbox to activate notifications
  5. Choose Transaction Payment Created (Νέα πληρωμή) from the Event Type dropdown.