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Visual studio Code

How do I format PHP/HTML code?

Install PHP Intelephense.

How do I hightlight the matching tag of a div?

Install Highlight Matching Tag.

How can I clone a project?

1) File -> Open Folder and choose www
2) Go to View -> Terminal
3) You will see the command line
4) Write git clone ssh://username@myip:2222/reposfolder/repo/.git/
5) Give password for username

How do I add bookmarks?

  1. Go to the “Extensions” tab on Visual Studio Code and search for “bookmark”. Select this one named “Bookmarks” by Alessandro Fragnani
  2. Install!
  3. To add a bookmark in a file, right-click the left margin where you normally would add breakpoints within a file. The bookmark will reference the line you added it on, so this is especially helpful if you want to reference a specific line of code.
  4. Select “Add Bookmark”, or “Add Labeled Bookmark” to provide a description
  5. To navigate to the bookmark, click on the Bookmarks icon on Visual Studio Code
  6. The file and line where you added the bookmark are here! Click to navigate to that line of code.