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Changing an active survey

Change the structure

Export Survey structure (.lss) from your old survey. This way, you keep all the questions, so you’ll need to change only the ones you want.

Press the button “Create, import or copy a survey” to create your new survey.

In the Import tab, import your .lss file.

To add a new question, open the question group in which you want to add your question and press “Edit subquestions for this question”.

Make sure that you have made all the desired modifications and activate your survey.

If you don’t want to import the answers from the previous survey, make sure you export the statistics (eg. in pdf) and the answers (export results to application and then choose excel) and then deactivate the old survey.

Import the answers from your previous survey

Your new survey is ready, now we need to add the responses from the previous survey.

Perform a VV-Export from the _new_ survey (we’ll call this the ‘first export’).

Perform a VV-Export from the _old_ survey (we’ll call this the ‘second export’).

Cut the two top rows from the first export and insert them as the top two rows in the second export.

While leaving the first two rows unchanged, cut and paste the columns below so that they are now in the right place according to the first two rows.

Once all the data is in the correct spot, delete the 3rd and 4th row (ie: the headings from the second export).

Save the file.

Perform the VV-Import into the new survey.