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Google Analytics usual scenarios

Find out from which sites the visitors are coming from

Acquisition > All Traffic > Referrals

All Referrals leaves out search engines and direct traffic, and only shows website domains (including social networks) that have referred traffic to your website. You can click on any of the domains—some let you see the specific pages that referred traffic. This is helpful if the referral source is a blog, for example. By clicking on the domain, you can see the specific posts that are sending visitors to your website.

Find the traffic stats of a specific page in Google Analytics

To do this on the fly, go to

Life Cycle > Engagement > Pages and screens

and put your URI into the search box.

To save this for later reference, you can in the admin section, add a goal. To do so:

  1. Go to the ADMIN section
  2. Go to View > Goals
  3. Press the + NEW GOAL button
  4. Name your goal
  5. Check the destination radio button
  6. Press the Continue button
  7. And enter your url to the field.

This, way you can at any time go to the

Conversions > Goals > Overview

to see how well this page goes.