Keyword meta tag

Google does not use the keywords meta tag in web ranking.

Google hasn’t been using the Keywords Meta Tag for years (over 10 years I believe). Google identified it early, as a significant risk for keyword spamming.

To top it off, Google isn’t the only search provider, not using the Keywords Meta Tag. Only some crawlers and indexing services still use them. Knowing this, should prove SEO ploys, claiming better search rankings using Keyword Meta Tags, are nothing more than scams.

While the Keywords Meta Tag isn’t used by the major search engines, it does still play a roll in locating information once a person is at your web site. They can be used in linking content from one web site to another.

So, here is a few tips on the META NAME=”KEYWORDS” section of your web site.

  • 150 total characters or less. This includes commas and spaces.
  • Use comma separated values.

    <meta name="keywords" content="sem, search engine marketing, seo, search engine optimization, sri, search rank improvement, search results" >
  • Capitalization is completely ignored.
  • Duplicate words are most often ignored, but could be identified by crawlers and indexing services as KEYWORD SPAM. This can lead to your site being skipped or blocked by the service in the future.

    <meta name="keywords" content="search engine marketing, search engine, search marketing, search, engine, marketing, search engine optimization, search engine, search optimization, search, engine, optimization" >

    This is a perfect example of what keyword duplication can look like. Look at how many times some of the exact same terms were repeated.

In general, the five guidelines above, will help you get, all there is to get, from the meta name=”keywords” meta tag.

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