Download OpenX

To perform the installation you will need to download and unpack the OpenX installation files.

Download the latest installation archive from: here

After downloading, unpack the ZIP file and rename the folder as 'openx'.

Upload OpenX to your webserver

Upload the openx folder to a location on your webserver which you can access from a web browser, for example: ''.

Create the OpenX database

While the files are being uploaded you can create the OpenX database.

Open your website's cpanel and create a new database. Name it whatever you like.

Now create a new user and add the user to the database (with all the privileges checked). Mark down the name of the database and the username and password of the user you will use them during the installation in the next step.

Run the installation wizard

When all files are uploaded browse to the location of your openx folder, for example: ''


When the installation is complete, OpenX displays the login page of your new ad server.

You should delete the install.php file from the openx/www/admin folder

Learning Resources

  • Official installation page.

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