The banner has been added or changed but has not updated on the publisher website. What's wrong?

When you add or change a banner, it takes around 20 minutes for the change to appear on the publisher website. This is to stop overloading problems, and to protect you from having banners/campaigns go live before you are finished configuring them.

You can change the cache time in the Admin -> Settings -> Main Settings -> Delivery settings page, under the heading "Global Delivery Caching Settings".

If you need to push something live immediately, and you have file access to the OpenX program directory on the server, then you can delete the cache files by browsing to path/to/openx/var/cache and deleting the deliverycache_* files.

I've added a banner on my site, but the statistics empty

OpenX statistics data (including conversions) is updated every 60 minutes. You will not be able to see your conversions sooner than this when performing conversion tracking tests.

OpenX and HostGator shared hosting

OpenX does not work on HostGator’s default shared hosting. Every ad you post on your website through OpenX will be viewable, but clicking the ad will lead to a 403 forbidden page.

It has something to do with HostGator Apache’s default configuration on shared hosting. Globally, it is because of some configuration of mod_security, but I don’t know what it is exactly. I found out that you can’t turn off mod_security within the .htaccess. Thanksfully, the tech team will fix you up through the live support within minutes.

The page isn't redirecting properly after a successful upgrade

This happened in firefox, just clear all your browser data (cache, cookies, etc.).

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