jQuery Mobile

What is jQuery Mobile?

jQuery has long been a popular JavaScript library for creating rich interactive websites and web apps. However, since it was designed primarily for desktop browsers, it doesn't have many features specifically designed for building mobile web apps.

jQuery Mobile is a new project that addresses this shortfall. It's a framework built on top of jQuery that provides a range of user interface elements and features for you to use in your mobile apps.

What does jQuery Mobile do?

  • jQuery Mobile makes it easy to develop user interfaces for mobile web apps.
  • The interface configuration is markup-driven, which means you can pretty much create your entire basic app interface in HTML, without needing to write a single line of JavaScript. (Of course, you'll still need to write JavaScript if your app is to do anything useful!)
  • It provides a series of new custom events to let you detect mobile and touch specific actions like tap, tap-and-hold, swipe, and orientation change (i.e. rotating the device).
  • It uses progressive enhancement to ensure that your app interface works on practically any web-enabled device.
  • It uses themes to make it easy to customize the look of your app.

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