WHMCS initial configuration

Enter your company details

Go to Setup / General settings and fill the Company Name, the Email Address, the domain, the Logo url and press save changes.

Enter your currency

Go to Setup / General settings / Payments / Currencies. By default the base currency will be USD. This can be edited and should be changed to your home currency if not USD. Just press the button to the column right to the base conv. rate and make the appropriate adjustments.

Enter your tax

In order to charge tax, you must first enable Tax charges in WHMCS. To do this, go to Setup > Payments > Tax Rules and then tick the checkbox at the top of the page labelled Tax Enabled and click Save Changes. Tax is now enabled in WHMCS. Now, you can proceed to setup your tax zones.

Change your timezone

If you need your WHMCS system to operate in a different timezone to that which your server is configured with, you can do this by simply adding the line below to your WHMCS configuration.php file:


This changes the timezone for the WHMCS installation to the locality you specify so you just need to replace the ‘Europe/London’ part with the location you are based in.

For a full list of the available timezone localities you can use, please refer to http://www.php.net/manual/en/timezones.php

Note: This should be entered above the last line, ?>, in your configuration.php file


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