Mozilla Add-ons

The best web developing mozilla add-ons out there!

These will make your life much easier!

Important notice: Be extra careful when you install an add-on on your mozilla. Some may cause unexpected behaviour. The following work great for me. Tested on Windows 7 (64bit).

Google Shortcuts

Display all Google services as buttons or as a space-saving dropdown menu next to your address bar or anywhere you like it. Reach services like Gmail, Google reader, Google maps, Google calendar, and many more in a single click from your browser.

By adjusting the settings you decide which services should be available for you as buttons.

Download here.


Notifier for gmail, yahoo, hotmail, aol and more webmails.

It checks your webmail accounts and notifies the number of unread emails…

Download here.

After installation has completed, right click on your new webMail notifier toolbox button and add your yahoo mail account or your personal mail.

Make sure you typewrite  the username and password (don’t copy/paste them) or else it may fail!

If you want to configure a POP3 account, then make sure you insert in your server box the server address followed by the port, for example:

Lightshot Screenshot Tool

The fastest way to do a customizable screenshot.

Download here.

You can also download lightshot for your desktop.

MeasureIt Dimension Tool

Draw out a ruler to get the pixel width and height of any elements on a website.

Download it here.

Rainbow 1.1 Color Tools

Rainbow is a Firefox add-on for color management on web pages.

Colors can be tried out on websites by dragging a color area from the picker or library to webpage content, or by selecting an element to paint with the color picker.

Download it here.

Image Picker

Pick images while you browse.
Choose (filter) images and save images from web page to local disk.

Download it here.

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