Actionscript 3.0 finally introduced the powerful XML handling E4X ECMAScript for XML.

This new class introduces a new way to look at the XML strings using native actionscript objects.

The old way XML class is still available for backward compatibility (XMLDocument), but it's better to use the new XML class.



What is E4X?

E4X is basically a Document Object Model (DOM) interface for XML.  What does that mean in English?

Well, if you use JavaScript and/or ActionScript, then you are using an ECMAScript laguage. ECMAScript languages are very similar in the way in which they handle access to their objects, those object’s children, properties and methods. Basically, if an item contains another item or property, you can access that child item or property along the lines of ParentItem.ChildItem. E4X provides us with the ability to do this with XML in ActionScript 3.

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