What is Fleb?

Fleb is a front end flash framework that helps you build pure flash websites.

It was created in 2009 by Christian Kaegi in an attemp to override some drawbacks the Gaia framework has.

Why choose Fleb?

Check out this cool video to see the basic fleb features in action!

Full search engine optimization

One of the top priorities of the Fleb Framework is to wipe out the arguments against pure flash websites being useless because of poor SEO. Even more: with the Fleb Framework you have full control over SEO and can still have a pure flash website.

Full deeplinking support

By using SWFAddress, you can jump to any section of your website.

Multi-language support

Change language “on-the-fly”. It supports as many languages as you wish!

Open, free and flexible

All files and code is freely accessible and open source. The Flebsite Demo only shows you a possible way how things can be done, Fleb should never stand in your way. You can concentrate again on the funky flash part of your project!


Christian Kaegi, the developer of the framework, is eager to solve any questions you might have. Just visit the fleb blog and post a comment. He usually responds at no time!

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