The Print Manager

In the flebsite demo, there is integrated a printing solution to show how you can use it in a Fleb site if needed. It is a very handy method to provide the possibility to print out your website or parts of it.

Removing the print manager

If you want to remove the print manager, do the following:

Open the Main.fla in the work folder and delete the following sections:

29    import net.kaegi.utils.Print;

88    website.btnPrint.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, btnPrintHandler, false, 0,true);
89    varcentral.flebEvents.addEventListener(ProjectEvent.PRINT,doPrint, false, 0, true);

507   private function btnPrintHandler(event:MouseEvent)
513   }

514   private function doPrint(event:ProjectEvent)
529   }

Next, open the main.fla and delete the print button.

Compile and you 're done!



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