In general

There is a movie clip instance named 'website' inside main.fla. This is the movie clip that is scrolled everytime the desired scrolling conditions are active. In other words, if your stage height, for example, is smaller than the minimum scroll height, the 'website' movie clip (and of course all of its children) is scrolled.

Customizing easing

First of all, open and set the time of the scrolling easing in:

private var scrollEasing:Number =1; // 1 second

Now, if you want to further customize the easing open

For vertical scrolling, change this:

private function onSiteVerticalScrollHandler(event:ScrollEvent):void {
    if (__easing > 0) {,0.5,{y:int(-event.position)});
    } else {
        __website.y = int(-event.position);

For horizontal scrolling, change this:

private function onSiteHorizontalScrollHandler(event:ScrollEvent):void{
    if (__easing > 0) {,0.5,{x:int(-event.position)});
    } else {
        __website.x = int(-event.position);


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