One language

Let's start with the most simple situation. You want to create an one-language website. The structure.xml contained in the deploy folder of the demo is for 2 languages. But fleb also gives an one-language xml. It's in the path:


Just copy this file and paste it in the deploy folder (overwrite the existing one).

If your site is not in english, don't forget set the correct content_source folder in structure.xml. For example, for a greek site set it like this:

<contentfolders src="content_source/gr" swf="content_swf"/>

Two languages

Coming soon…

Changing the default (home page) language

Say that you want the home page in the fleb demo is in german no matter what (or whichever is the language you have added). Just open deploy > structure.php and find the next line (36):

// $syslang = "en";

Replace it with this one:

$syslang = "de";

That's it!

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