Main swf


The main.fla consists of:

  • A movie clip named home that contains the initial flebsite logo content / animation.
  • Two language buttons.
  • One print button.

If you want to customize any of this, check the following.

The website.home movie clip

The website.home movie clip contains the assets that you see only in home page.

In here is the code that controls the above assets.


// set the movieclip "home" of this Flebsite Demo
website.home.alpha = 0;
// bring the home mc to the front (otherwise it will be behind pageHolder)
website.setChildIndex(website.home, website.numChildren - 1);

The following control the home content during page transitions:

if ( == "home") {
} else if ( ... ) {
    ..., .5, {alpha:0});

Removing the flebsite intro animation

Open Main.fla, click website mc, click home mc and delete all layers.

Now open and delete this line:



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