The HoverCamera3D object

A common 3D application in Flash is one that allows the user to navigate all sides of a 3D model by rotating the camera around using the mouse. For this kind of interaction, the HoverCamera3D class is an ideal camera type, as it simplifies the necessary rotation and position updates required to orbit around a target object with the use of some extra features.


Incrementing or decrementing the panAngle value causes the camera to orbit around the target object in a horizontal plane. If you want to restrict the panAngle values to a specified area, use minPanAngle and maxPanAngle properties.


Incrementing or decrementing the tiltAngle value causes the camera to increase or decrease it’s elevation angle. If you want to restrict the tiltAngle values to a specified area, use minTiltAngle and maxTiltAngle properties.


The distance property defines the radius on which both these rotations are performed.


HoverCamera3D updates its coordinates by default using a series of steps, easing into its new position. The severity of the ease can be modified using the steps property, allowing you to set very slow easing, medium easing or no easing at all should you wish. The default value is 8.

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