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Ajaxify is working great on all links except the home page logo link

Make sure that you have included the trailing slash for home link:

<a href="<?php echo get_site_url(); ?>/">
<img src="logo.jpg">

Problem with url adresses that contain non-latin characters

To solve this, open wp-content/plugins/ajaxify-wordpress-site/js/ajaxify.js and add the bolded line below in line 70:


$this    = $(this),
url        = $this.attr('href'),
title     = $this.attr('title') || null;

url = decodeURIComponent(url); // fix for non-latin characters


How to exclude a link through HTML

Just add the no-ajaxy class to the link, eg.

<a href="url_link" class="swipebox no-ajaxy"></a>

Troubleshooting Ajaxify

If Ajaxify does not work with your site then check the following rules:

  • Make sure that no class is added in any on your page templates to #main. Ajaxify loads the content of the #main div, so it will not change the classes appended to it.

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