How To Prevent Your WordPress Site From Being Hacked

Update WordPress Version

A crucial step is to update your WordPress site to the latest version. You should always make sure that your blog’s version is up to date. WordPress team creates patches to help fix security holes.

Install Sucuri Security plugin

WordPress Keys in wp-config.php

01. In the backend, go to Sucuri Security / Hardening and click the harden button on the Security keys section.

02. Tick the checkbox I understand that this operation can not be reverted and click the Generate new security keys button.

Install Acunetix WP Security plugin

What is SQL Injection?

SQL injection is an attack used to exploit a security vulnerability in a website. This vulnerability occurs when the sever gives the direct response to the client. An attacker can communicate with the sever through MySQL by giving SQL commands.This happens because the user input is incorrectly filtered by the website. Taking advantage of this an attacker can inject a piece of code into the database and can take control over it.

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